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A*M*E Sierra Leone war child turned British pop princess

by Vickie Remoe

Before  A*M*E published her own fanzine, before she was featured in I.D Magazine, and yet still before she was a teenie booper with a record deal, she was a young child in Sierra Leone with first hand experience of the war. Her mother’s hair salon was “burned to the ground” by the rebels and so like many others A*M*E and her family fled to the UK.

Today this petite, 17 year old South East Londoner who grew up listening to the Backstreet Boys and N’sync just released her first single, ‘City Lights’ featuring Bartoven. Like A*M*E, the song and its video are colorful, and upbeat.

A*M*E real name Aminata Kabba grew up on Lumbley Street in Freetown. She says that while she hasn’t visited since she left, her mom has.

Much success Miss A*M*E Swit Salone dey behind you!


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