For Sale: Accra,Ghana

A patch work computer case made with cotton. I bought this at the airport for $25

A men's bracelet I bought at the market. I think its made of nickel or old coins. Cost: $12

Men's bracelet...looks antiqueish. Cost: $12
A leather tote. Cost: $21
when i buy anything i look for the finishing and details
love the cotton interior of this tote
antique pendants converted to earrings. Cost: $6.80 a pair

Tuareg camel and cow bags. I am somewhat ashamed to say how much i payed for these so....lets just say they weren't cheap 🙂

its all in the details...

I don't know what hairs these house slippers are made off but I thought they were so cute. Note the kind of thing your see every day. Cost: $8

I spent my Christmas holiday in Accra. Every time I go there I make it a point to bring back a taste of Accra with me. Most times i buy fabric or clothes. But I am slowly weaning my self off my addiction to Africana. It used to be wearing Africana made you stand out from the crowd. Now that everyone is a fashion designer it is no longer so. I’ve since turned my focus to accessories. The beauty about accessories is that you’ll very rarely find the exact same thing on someone else. If you ever been so fortunate to bump into me you probably noticed some funky earrings, bracelets, or bag. If you didn’t notice, i guess you’ll have look harder next time. Here are some things are picked up while i was in Ghana. Of the lot my favorite are two beaded leather bags originally made in Niger. Come this summer I’m sure they’ll be a hit in New York.