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‘I was running away for my life’ – Rapper L A J in Sierra Leone

LA J's status update on Facebook
Wrecked car on lumley beach rd (c) Awareness Times
Rapper L A J

This past weekend was a sad day for lovers of Sierra Leone hip hop a fight broke out between rapper LAJ and another artist ‘Big Fish’.  We’ve never heard of ‘Big Fish’ but the incident seemed to have led to the death of up to 3 people. Supposedly, a scuffle started at the Office Night Club that led to a car chase down lumley beach. The car was chasing LAJ who explained in a Facebook status update that he was “being chased by group of guys when their car crashed and killed few people. I was running away for my dear life and i am completely innocent of harming any body.”. The rapper asked that his fans not believe the misleading reports in the media. One article on Africa Review reported that LAJ had a gun on him at the club and fired several shots in the air in self defense. Whether he had a gun or not we can not confirm. But we hope that the police does what they need to do to bring the issue to a close. When was the last time you heard of beef between artists in Ghana or Nigeria that led to people dying? Never, right. My point exactly…lets focus on making music and less on the gimmicks.