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Party of the Year: Mahawa turns 25 in grand style!!!! (Photos)

by Vickie Remoe

Birthday girl arrives

Mahawa Fatima Sandi – MFS – Happy 25th Birthday

One of Freetown’s socialites, and ‘It girl’ Mahawa Sandi celebrated her 26th birthday last weekend in grand red carpet style. All of the City’s creme de la creme came out to party with the birthday girl. The ‘all white’ party was held at the new Regimanual Gray Sea View Estates in Goderich. It looks like it was one hell of a party. We wish Miss Sandi good health, prosperity, and many many more years. Sierra Leone looks real good!

let the dancing begin

Sai Sankoh (BecauseIamfabulous) with Mahawa

Mary Nyelenkeh, Mahawa, Houda Khadar


Miss Sankoh doing what she does best #werk

Miss Fatou Wurie

Even the elusive Mr Sheku ‘Kuku’ Kamara was there with a guest

Isatu Wurie Stevens (l) Patrick ‘Boozie’ Caulker (r)

Kadiatu Kamara (c) with guests. We almost didn’t recognize Miss Kadi with this much longer hair do but we love it.

Amina Deen-Kamara and Mahawa

The ‘big boys club’ – Kabba S Kalu, Tamba, and Dagga Bangura

I’ll have some of that…a sandwich that it 🙂

bikini clad ushers

Katib and Sia Iscandri and guest


Pucker Up!!!

Sai and Maureen

Mahawa, Josephine Ayewole-Koroma, and Amina

Sheka Forna, John Sisay, Mahawa, and Edward

I love this photo cause its like a two in one

The only photo of Eki and its of him giving an earful to Mr Amara-Bangalie…we are so not surprised…lol

Nasu Forna <3

Freetown’s finest ‘Mr & Mrs Amara-Bangalie’

God Bless Sierra Leone 🙂

Sai, Mahawa, Johnny Shallop, and Sonia Shallop


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