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‘Freetown’s Bayou’ by Akindele Decker

(c) Akindele Decker
When the mood hits a high note
You feel the difference
The ledger in your heart skips a long tune
Leaving you free to dance the night away
When the buckle in your toes
Touches your heels too softly
The beginning of the end of pain
Begins to ease by you
Leave me by the bayou
Beside hard granite rocks and metallic gates
The dusty roads that walk with you to your area of reflection
Leave me by where groundnuts and iced water makes a delicacy
Take me to the Atlantic
When the tide is light and the sun sits behind the Sugar Loaf
Let the breeze knock me slightly between my thoughts and emotions
Let my eyes follow your feet to where you’re going
Beyond boarded gates and fences with broken glass upon their crease
Leave me by the bayou
Near high hills that lean shoulder to shoulder to their mountains
Let the raindrops create its own freeform
Shape in me your art
Design in me your opinion
While the moon gets jealous of the view
All of earth’s own children
Born beside these waters
Gather in Freetown
To listen to echoes from the Bayou
© Akindele T.M. Decker
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