Sierra Leone Weddings: Meet The Contehs


 Bride: Rosaline Conteh

Groom: Ezekiel Abou Conteh

Wedding date: 28th March 2016

Wedding location: St George’s Catholic Church, Murray Town, Freetown

Reception Venue: Freetown Golf Club

Main Dance Song: Sexy Rosey by Flavour ft P.Square

How it began

Rosaline and I clicked from the start. I was implementing a couple of development projects in the South of Sierra Leone and she was in her 2nd year at university when we met. After an online introduction by a friend who was her classmate, we exchanged contacts. I was certainly attracted by her gorgeous eyes and deep sense of character. Since then, we maintained basic communication through phone calls for about two months.   On my next trip to the South, I informed her that I will be heading her way in a couple days and I requested to take her out on a date –she agreed.  Once I arrived in the city, I gave her a call confirming the date but interestingly enough, I had no venue in mind as I was not too familiar with nice places around. To my greatest surprise, she chose a basic ‘under the tree’ restaurant – I was humbled.

We sat at opposite ends of what was seemingly a table made of logs tied together.   The best we could get for a drink from our restaurant were lukewarm soft drinks. We didn’t bother for food. This allowed both of us to focus on our discussion. The more we talked the more we realized we had so much in common; from personality to ambitions. She looked nervous and shy as we discussed but that made her sweeter all the more. I knew she was the one from that day on.

The Proposal

Her take

Ezekiel’s proposal was such a wonderful, unexpected surprise! Not typical for Sierra Leonean men living in Sierra Leone. It was the third week in December and the spirit of Christmas had already set in. I thought Ezekiel and I and some of his very tight friends were going to the beach as often was the case. It was an all-white event and so everyone who attended dressed up for the occasion but little did any of his friends know about his plan. After what had already been a epic day with games, food and fun and as the sun set, little did I know that the best is yet to come. Everyone was called up stage for dancing. In the middle of it all, the music stopped and with the mic in his hand, he was down on one knee – I screamed YES! The look in his eyes, the euphoria and cheer of everyone around took me to another planet. I still get chills down my spine when I think about that magic moment. We later sat down on the sand and counted the stars till late.

His take

Rosaline had no idea that this would not be a normal day. At first she was even a bit reluctant to go to the beach as many other events where happening on that same day. I had to employ my marketing skills to get her to join the trip. While I had to make sure that everything for the event was in place, I also had a great task controlling my emotions. I knew she had no idea of what was coming but honestly I experienced adrenalin rush through my body the whole time. Well, the time came and I did what I had to do. I am not sure I did it on the right hand, but she said YES!

The Ceremony

The entire ceremony was planned by Ezekiel and I. Though we were working on a low budget, we wanted to go beyond the usual. Unconventionally, we decided to do our wedding on a Monday (Easter Monday). This date we thought was a fine time to bring our friends, families and well-wishers together to celebrate our wedding. And Yes, it worked out well! Turquoise and Coral were our wedding colours; chosen particularly to suit the fine March weather in Sierra Leone. To avoid having different ‘aso-ebis’ (matching fabric worn by a group of people to an event) worn by different groups of guests, we settled for only two that matched our wedding colours and about 90% of our guests wore them. This allowed the colours to blend perfectly and that was amazing.

Ezekiel is an evangelical Christian and I am a Catholic. By tradition, my church would host the ceremony.    Since we are quite young, we were looking for a very warm and cheerful event. And as planned, the church service was full of dancing and laughter. 620 people signed our guest book!

We were expecting approximately 1,000 guests at our wedding reception. Noting the limited number of well-ventilated halls to sit our guests in Freetown, we decided to do an outdoor event at the courses of the Freetown Golf Club. We had 60 volunteers who were divided into different functional units.   They were responsible to deliver a perfect reception –which they did. The event was extremely colourful and well planned. Guests where well entertained even as they watched the sunset across the Aberdeen Coast. The event was spiced with a dramatic and well-orchestrated entrance and several awe-inspiring acts that left guests cheering right through.

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  • Sorie Poreh Kargbo

    I remember how highly you speak of Rosa’s beauty and personality ever time you come for vacation in the United States. You always spend countless hours going through her whatsapp messages and her beautiful pictures. She is indeed the perfect match for you. Your union will always grow stronger because it has been built on the foundations of true love. God bless you bro!!! #nawestriker#