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Tribewanted John Obey launched in Sierra Leone

by Vickie Remoe

This weekend Tribewanted, a non-profit organisation and the brainchild of British entrepreneur Ben Keene, welcomed the first group of tribe members to John Obey Beach, Sierra Leone. Members of the john obey community and new tribe members got acquainted over plates of casava leaves and palm wine and star beer. Some members of the new tribe played beach ball while the rest of us dipped in the water discussing everything from granting sierra leonean citizenship to non blacks, to land ownership, and the Freetown’s beauty. We had so much fun chilling in the water that we’ve planned to return to Tribewanted John Obey beach in the next couple weekends to camp, booze, and chillax. While some are skeptical and think that the local community’s relationship with tribewanted might become shaky once the local youth start seeing the amount of traffic to the tribe, we were just happy to be away from the noise and chaos of the city. Tribewanted John Obey beach is now open to adventure seeking eco trourists in search of a meaningful experience. For more information visit http://www.tribewanted.com/

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