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Sierra Leone: Africell, Radisson, Cube are best businesses on Facebook

While Facebook has taken the world and the Sierra Leonean public by storm, the local business community is for the most part apprehensive about where to start and how to manage Facebook for business. So while you’ll find a daily battle of brands and businesses from Accra to Dakar on Facebook and other social media platforms, in Freetown this just isn’t the case.

Until the business community starts taking social media seriously, and finds ways to use Facebook especially to engage with potential customers, and keep their already existing ones, they’ll remain in the dark while a few early adapters win big.

Here are my picks for the top 3 businesses in Sierra Leone who are not only ahead of the curve when it comes to Facebook and getting social but they’re also doing it right.

1. Africell Sierra Leone

The absolute Facebook champion as far as Sierra Leone business is concerned it telecoms company Africell. They joined Facebook in 2011 and today have a following of 49k+ likes. The page is updated daily and it covers current events and holidays. They don’t just share branded images, but they share technology news, and helpful tips like what to do if your phone falls in water (put it in rice) and tell you not to text and drive.

AfricellSierraLeoneFacebook1 AfricellSierraLeoneFb2





2. Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel

Radisson Blu

Although The Radisson Blu Freetown has only been opened for less than a year, they didn’t wait to get in on the Facebook action. While their following is still just growing at 3700 they seem committed to building a presence and a community on FB. They share links related to tourism in Sierra Leone and elsewhere, the add their voice to holidays and news worthy events, and most importantly you can tell they care about their staff. In between the posts about food, and the views there isn’t a week that goes by where they don’t acknowledge their staff.


Radisson Blu Freetown 2 Radisson Blu Freetown Facebook 1 RadissonBlu Freetown3

3. Cube Restaurant

The Cube Restaurant is also a new in Sierra Leone. It is a family owned establishment right in the center of town. While this restaurant only has a little over 2000 likes, you would find it difficult to find another restaurant with as large a following or as committed to updating its fans. Whether its posts of the day’s special, the jazz band or catered group events at the Cube, this business is all about staying social. While they could do with a slight improvement on their images, their Facebook efforts are definitely keepings them fresh in the minds of Freetown’s hungry.

Cube Restaurant SierraLeone FB Cube Restaurant SierraLeone FB 2 Cube Restaurant SierraLeone FB 3