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Labrum Makes Sierra Leone Famous with New Nomoli Odyssey Fashion Collection


British-Sierra Leonean fashion designer Foday Dumbuya has done it again—Sierra Leone is the inspiration for his latest Labrum fashion collection. At Spring Summer 24 London Fashion Week the exquisite showcase unfolded within the elegant confines of Trinity Square’s Four Seasons hotel, and it was nothing short of a spectacle. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Sierra Leonean heritage, LABRUM’s visionary founder and fashion designer, Foday Dumbuya, unveiled a collection that beautifully echoed his roots. 

Earlier this year Dumbuya was proudly honored with this year’s prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design, an accolade that speaks volumes about his contributions to the fashion world.

The runway exhibition kicked off in style, with none other than former Arsenal icon and beloved legend, Ian Wright. Wright displayed pure elegance in a striking blue, patterned double-breasted suit that seamlessly paired with a chic set of Adidas Sambas. His charismatic presence set the tone for an evening of fashion brilliance.

Photo Credit: Sama Kai

But the star-studded affair didn’t stop there. Making his mark on the LABRUM runway was none other than the UK’s renowned rap sensation, Unknown T. This celebrated artist introduced LABRUM’s exclusive collaboration with Netflix’s “Top Boy” series and the dynamic Hackney Wick FC. Together, they reimagined classic British tracksuits with a touch of luxury, adorning them with monogram pyramids and intricate gilded embroidery.

The blazers and coats were adorned with enchanting prints inspired by Nomoli figurines, deeply rooted in Sierra Leonean culture. These figurines carry with them the powerful symbolism of good health and bountiful harvests, bestowing their blessings upon the wearers. And here’s the cherry on top the Nomoli artwork made a stunning appearance on the very Adidas Sambas adorning the feet of LABRUM’s models.

In a symphony of culture, style, and creativity, LABRUM’s “NOMOLI ODYSSEY” collection at London Fashion Week was a masterpiece to remember. Foday Dumbuya‘s dedication to preserving his heritage through fashion is nothing short of inspirational. With every stitch and embellishment, LABRUM has carved its mark on the global fashion stage, offering a fresh perspective on style that celebrates culture and innovation. We can’t wait to see what this visionary brand has in store for us next.


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