February 4, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Introducing The Mape Project: Owning a "SuperFabulous Home" in Sierra Leone made Easy

The Mape Project just received an endorsement from my ex-darling DNA Sierra Leonean Isaiah Washington, of Grey Anatomy fame. The Mape Project is a proposed luxury housing development and resort in Port Loko District close to Lungi International Airport.  The Project is looking for would be home owners and investors with serious serious money, the value of this development at completion estimated at $500m…no to pekin money at all 🙂

” The Mape Project is an exciting and innovative proposal to create a new, high quality town and associated coastal resort. Closely linked to the nearby international airport and across the river from Freetown, it provides a special opportunity to create a new centrally planned and administered settlement, independent of existing urban areas. It seeks to achieve a high standard of development and quality of life that will appeal to Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad as well as tourists and related businesses. The associated inward investment spin-off benefits will make this a project that will have a significent positive impact on existing local communities and that will strengthen and enrich the wider economy” 
To find out more kindly visit their website