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The 3 Best Events of the year


Many tried but couldn’t succeded in making events that will live in our hearts and minds, these 3, however, stood out where many failed. They contributed to making sure that 2019 is a memorable year.

Hosting an event in Sierra Leone is never easy and being consistent has been another major obstacle in the hands of events planners and event organizers. However, these 3 were able to overcome this obstacle making them the 3 stands out events of 2019. We sure hope that 2020 will bring more memories and nights of bliss with these.

Here are the 3 best events of 2019.

Tok U Tok – is a networking event that brings poets, artists and young people together to enjoy a night of Sierra Leonean art twice every month. The event itself is a year old and it was started by a group of young Sierra Leoneans with the aim of “Curating the Melodies and Stories of Freetown”. TokuTok has been consistent in the midst of inconsistency in events in Sierra Leone, They have stuck to the same venue they started out with a year ago and also stayed consistent to the schedule and hosting of the event. It is hosted every 2 weeks twice a month at the Two Guys Restaurant located at Wilkinson Road.

The Chemist – is a mixture of games, cocktail, networking, and tourism. The Chemist is known for their unique mixture of cocktails and alcohol making them one of the best if not the best in terms of handling the bar of an event. They have been switching through venues making sure each event they host is a memorable one. The Chemist also caters for events so if you have an event and are looking for someone to handle your drinks worry no more cause the Chemists are here to stay.

Alafia Session – is an event that was created to unveil raw talent in young local people gifted in the art of music, giving them the platform to exhibit their talents to the best of their abilities. The first season was shot last year and it consisted of 8 episodes that were aired on all television stations and also streamed on social media platforms. The main goal of Alafia Session was for artists and fans to connect in ways that they have never done before in Sierra Leone, so this year they raised the bar higher and got the band and artist to perform in locations favorable and easy to get to by their fans. The first 3 episodes were done at Chicken Town and the rest was done at Silver Star beach bar. Alafia continues to grow and cater for every fan of music in Sierra Leone they are currently on a school tour performing in different schools leading up to the grand show on the 22 December at the Kallon car park.

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