Problem with Pot Holes & Luxury of Light

Problem with Potholes

Spur Road
Wilkinson Road
Aberdeen Road
Lumbley Beach Road
Murray Town Road
King Street
Main Motor Road

Does Ernest Bai Koroma have a private chopper that flies him around from the president’s Lodge that i dont know about? Do PRADO’s have wings or glide? Do minister’s not feel pot holes because their tyres have special powers that prevent them from entering them. WHAT IS GOING ON???

There were certain roads that over the years were the best tarred roads in the western area. Those roads included Spur Rd, Wilkinson, Lumbley, Murray Town, and the road leading up to wilberforce which i think is Main Motor Rd but i could be wrong.


Since the end of the rain season those roads which have usually been patchpatched by SL Road Transport Authority (under administration of the ministry of transport and avaition headed by non other than uncle Pat Sowe) have been stripped, weathered and eroded because of poor drainage systems and deforestation. In fact i am almost certain that wilkinson rd has no drainage system so that when it rains all the water collects on the street.

I dont know what the budget is for road maintainance but it seems to me that something is clearly amiss. If i were president of sierra leone i would call Pat Sowe up and give him a shovel and and dirt and tar and ask him to fix it.

I drive an old old beat up mercedes and it would have a longer life cycle if i didnt spend all my time dodging holes which i can barely see at night because there are no streetlights and new holes seem to be popping up on a daily basis. No matter how well i drive, i end up missing a couple that either might burst my tyre or damage my under carriage. I am sick and tired of the damn pot holes.

Especially Murray Town Rd which if i might add is where the vice president lives, but i guess when u r speeding in your convoy u dont notice these things. Might i also add the the Vice president paved the road from his junction at Doherty St (which is off murray town rd) all the way to his house…I guess thats all that is important to him.

Luxury of Light

On a better note…i can confirm that bumbuna is definitely on. Everyone I know on the west end of town has reportedly seen an increase in Light from NPA. My house on average over the past week has had atleast 18hours of electricity per day. It is really incredible and we are all amazed. I can actually watch movies all the way end. And even though the generator man has not responded to my requests for generator repair i am not suffering in black out.

So i am really excited and happy about the light and i hope they can keep it up. We had a pre-paid meter installed at our house some months ago and its really working well for us even though the tarriffs seem to be a bit higher. The pre paid meters tend to penalize high end energy consumers which i dont know if is good or bad.

So i’m down on the roads but up on the light….we cant have it all.