December 7, 2022


Sierra Leone Entertainment News


On Sunday May 14th 2006 I took the short stroll across to podium at haverford college to receive my college diploma. I am officially a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science…whatever that means. Despite a very good education i cant say that my degree is proof of much. What can one really do with a BA in Poli Sci…i really believe that its a major for people who like to hear themselves talk. Since i have no aspirations to be a politician only ALLAH knows where this is going to lead. I really loved school and learning so after this year i guess i’ll just go back to school. I had these grand plans of finding a job in Sierra Leone and moving back home this year but that wont be happening. Though i’m a bit disappointed….maybe its ALLAH’s way of letting me know that there’s a purpose for every season under the sun. I’m looking forward to my job at the AIDS INSTITUTE in NY and living in the city as a psuedo adult. I’m really happy school’s over but the uncertainty of what lies ahead is really scary. For the past 16 years every year was planned…take exams in June…then summer…then the next grade. Now thats all actually has to make ones own decisions….YIKES!!! Here are some pics from graduation….check out the hot lady in blue…my mama..and Omar looking like perfection in his gown