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Sierra Leone ancestry for Dr. King and Marcus Garvey

by Vickie Remoe
Martin Luther King, Jr.Image via Wikipedia

Breaking News from African Ancestry:
DNA, AY-chromosome tests done on the sons  of Martin Lurther King and Marcus Garvey has shown that both of their ancestors hail from the mende people of Sierra Leone.

The results were revealed by AfricanAncestry.com the leaders in African American DNA testing.

If this is true many more African Americans will continue to use DNA to unlock thier ancestry and link to the African Continent. For a small country like Sierra Leone, this could open the door to a new wave of tourism and economic development led by black entrepreneurs, and visitors in search of their connection to our country.

To prepare for this, we need to develop and maintain our monuments and relics to support the story of the loss of Sierra Leone’s people to the slave trade. The government and tourism industry need to take the lead to create a package for black american tourists.

Recently it was announced that millions of dollars had been set aside for the preservation of Bunce Island Slave castle with the help of anthropologist Joseph Opala. If it is true the both Martin Luther King &  Marcus Garvey’s ancestors are from Sierra Leone, saving Bunce Island is all the more important.

What does MLK’s link to Sierra Leone mean to you?

For more info African Ancestry Press Release

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