February 6, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Mercury International pays NLe 7,036,833 to over 21,000 lotto and football bet winners

Mercury International on Monday, January 23, 2023, paid out the sum of NLe 7,036,833 to over 21,000 lotto and football bet winners across Sierra Leone. 

These mass wins are from Saturday, January 21, 2022, the “Abacha Street Special draw” for lotto and today’s “Mega List” for football. So far this is the biggest payout for 2023, with big individual wins of NLe 20, 696 and NLe 10,000. 

Thousands of customers were at the Mercury International office on Walpole Street, in Freetown to collect their money, they expressed their appreciation to Mercury International and assured others that the betting company caters for all.

Ibrahim, a businessman, won NLe 9,000 after betting on two tickets, said he is happy about his win as this is not his first time winning from betting with Mercury International. In previous times, he has won a series of money and his highest winning is NLe 17,000, but today’s winning is very impactful.  

“This money will be used to pay the tuition fee for my child in university, school fees for the others and help support the home with basic necessities,” said Ibrahim. 

Another winner who wants to remain anonymous bet NLe 20 on two tickets for 15 teams and won NLe 2,000. He has been betting with Mercury International for over 14 years now and said he will use this money to pay the tuition fee of his child. 

From December 2022, to now the company has paid out over NLe 19,000,000 to more than 20,000 winners across the country. Also, from December 2021 to January 2022, they paid more than NLe 2,000,000 to several customers and one of which won over NLe 500,000, the highest winning on a single ticket from Mercury International.  

The company launched its lottery and sports betting products in 2007. Its products include the 5/90 lottery, sports betting, online betting, Zone, Rapids, and Virtual Rapid games.