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Sierra Leone: Ministry of Gender, New Boss, Same Old Drama


Dionorabul Sinista of Genda and So Shall Well Fear has written to the Sierra Leone Police to inform them that a  man “who goes by the name Francis Kabia” has threatened her life. She says that the matter has gone beyond disciplinary action at the ministry. The Police arrested and detained Mr. Kabia a senior civil servant at the New England Police Station

The letter was written after the Dionorabul Sinista of Genda and So Shall Well Fear said that Mr. Kabia the Director of Social Services raised his voice against her and threatened her with physical assault. You can read the bruhaha over on the Sierra Leone Telegraph and hear Mr. Kabia give his side of the story.

Mr. Kabia in an interview with Mr. Tam Bayoh said that the Sinista insulted him and his mother in the office in the presence of other civil servants. He was trying to leave her office at her command when she then asked her security detail stop him from leaving her office and they called the police. She asked them to keep him in jail for the weekend.

“You go tok so to you mammy wey you lef na ose”?
The question supposedly posed by the Sinista of Genda and So Shall Well Fear to Mr. Kabia that shocked and vexed him.

This is the second high profile brouhaha to have taken place at the Ministry this year. The current Minister got her post after the previous Minister and his Deputy were recorded going at each other with insults and accusation.

We would like to let President Koroma’s employees at the Sinistry of Genda and So Shall Well Fear know that every time you act up like this that you’re making your President look bad. You’re making people question the President’s judgement. Please stop making the President look bad, him too na mama born am. Oona sorry for Di Pa.

We would also like to provide a response to Mr. Kabia and any other person who is ever asked whether they would talk to their mother in such a manner.

The only ever correct answer or response is to look at the person straight dead on in the eye with the coolness of a cucumber and you say, “No, I would never speak to my mother like this. I respect my mother, you however…”. You don’t finish the sentence, you just let it hang in the air.

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  1. chrystel 22 July, 2016 at 22:58 Reply

    ex vice president daughter secretly got married without the parents knowledge at age 20 in USA but whats more interesting is that her so called secret husband got another lady pregnant and ran away.

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