February 6, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Sai Sankoh Releases “Goddess Of The Dawn”

Sai Sankoh has released her latest collection “GODDESS OF THE DAWN”. After her recent travels across 3 continents, Sai Sankoh was inspired to create three collections that capture the beauty and individuality of each stunning locale, interwoven with her modern interpretation of classic glamour. The first collection in the trilogy, entitled “Goddess of the Dawn”, focuses on accessories that accentuate a Sai Sankoh woman – featuring an array of hats, tote bags, and clutches drenched in the palette of primordial Tanzania.

Each accessory was inspired by Sai’s travels across Tanzania, showcasing the vibrant colors, ornate patterns, and decadent textures found tucked in the lush savannahs of the Serengeti and on the serene beaches of Zanzibar. In keeping with the traditions of Zanzibar, fashion is both functional and purposeful; the collection was woven by skilled local women artisans, stitching intricate patterns into hats and handbags while perched patiently on the edge of tranquil streets. In Tanzania, craftsmanship is timeless, and sustainability is rooted in a culture of gratitude for what Mother Earth has given.

The signature Amina oversized hat is immediately attention-grabbing, seemingly paying homage to the chic brush canopy which crowns the Serengeti’s famed acacia trees. The hats, totes, and clutches all simmer in vivid hues that naturally pepper the region – the Prussian blue of the Indian Ocean, the sun-scorched midtones of raffia, mustard-powdered hues akin to lions’ manes, and flamboyant flamingo-pink pops perfectly – whether your adventure is wading through two-toned high grass, sauntering on soft white beaches, or stopping traffic in bustling city streets.

“Goddess of the Dawn” conjures women to feel bold in every way imaginable with the allure of dramatically sized accessories, the richness of textures imbued with the spirit of the Serengeti, and the tapestry of colors across the collection. It’s for the woman who is fearless of the spotlight, but no stranger to creating her own shade and luxury in the midst of every summer stroll.

Sai Sankoh is the founder of the fashion brand Sai Sankoh which specializes in blending vintage fashion with contemporary trends to create something new, and timeless. From couture-inspired resort wear and kaftans to artisan-crafted luxury accessories, the Sai Sankoh brand allows women of all backgrounds to feel empowered, attractive, confident, and unique through fashion.