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Sierra Leone: What is President Koroma’s salary?

Ernest Bai Koroma_President_SierraLeone_PhotoCredit_Vickie Remoe

Africa Review just released an infographic which compares the salaries of the sitting African presidents vis a vis the per capita income of each country. In this list of the official salaries of all current heads of state, President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone is all the way at the bottom, earning $12,000 a year which is 6.8 times of $1750, the GNI per capital.

The GNI per capita is an average figure which assumes that all Sierra Leoneans equally divided the country’s gross income; it is therefore only statistically representative and does not mean that each Sierra Leonean earns this much. In fact it is more likely the case that the majority earn much less than this amount and the average is raised by the comparatively very high incomes of a small elite class.


Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf earns a whopping $90,000 which is over 113 time the $790 GNI per capita for her country. How the Liberian government can afford this only Allah knows.

The top earners on the list are Cameroon’s Paul Biya ($600,000), Morocco’s King Mohamed VI (450,000) and South Africa’s Jacob Zuma ($272,000).

Now although these are the official posted salaries how many of you actually believe that all of these Presidents are only using their salaries to sustain them and their families? Would you rather your President’s salary was low and yet know that he is definitely skimming off the top elsewhere or that it be high like Paul Biya’s and still know that he is most likely corrupt? Seems like whether we pay our parents a lot or a little they still will find a way to take way more than their salaries.

We can’t win in this our Africa can we?