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GEF Small Grants Stories: Using Banana Bark Peel Innovation to provide sustainable water supply in Luawa Baoma Community Kailahun District 

Chief Momoh Mansaray

The Grantee

Over the past years getting clean water to drink in the Luawa Baoma community has been challenging; the only water catchment is located in the forest. The risk involved is high, different animals usually come by the catchment area to ease themselves and it’s open to passersby who could drop anything poisonous in the water.

As the Section Chief, I used an initiative to develop a project that can protect the water source in the community using banana bark peel innovation. With this project a dam will be constructed around the area where the water source is located, trees will be planted in the surrounding area so that the water flow will be stabilized as compared to before. That’s how we got the fund from the UNDP Gef Small Grant.

We have negotiated and reached a final agreement with the landowners where the catchment area is located; the locals are happy to give land to support such a project.

The youths and stakeholders have played a major role in the implementation of this project, in years to come the water supply will be sufficient in Luawa Baoma and other neighboring communities. 

My name is Chief Momoh Mansaray, I am a farmer and the Section Chief of Luawa Baoma Community in Kailahun District.

The Impact

Residents of this community are facing difficulties in getting clean water, the supply is not sufficient for the people, sometimes they spend more time fetching water and can’t go about their daily activities to create a living. 

Since the Luawa Baoma Community Development Organization started the dam project, we the youths have been very supportive to see that the project become a success and we will now have a clean and sufficient water supply for all.

My name is Morrie Charles, I am a trader living at Luawa Baoma Community in Kailahun District. Presently I am a father of three children and I have two wives. I am taking care of my family with the business I am running. 


The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP), implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), offers grants to innovative, inclusive, and impactful projects that address global environmental and sustainable development issues. 

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