January 30, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Vickie Remoe’s list of 35 things every woman from Sierra Leone must know or do by age 35

1. Disobey your parents. Don’t let their fears and dreams for you stop you from doing what you believe is right for you. 

2. End a relationship with a man if he doesn’t support your personal and professional growth and expansion

3. Take a six months break from consuming products like hair, cosmetics, clothes, and other things that you already have in abundance

4. Set a savings goal and make sure you meet it

5. Masturbate until you have a massive intense orgasm, the kind that  makes you smile for two days 

6. Say no if you mean NO even if it earns you enemies

7. Introduce yourself to your natural hair just so you can make an informed decision as to whether you want to keep it or not

8. Support another woman’s growth and journey especially if you have nothing to gain from it

9. Apologize even though you’re right because someone will need your apology to feel like you care for them

10. Don’t be afraid to fight and speak up for what you believe in; a political movement, a cause, and women’s rights

11. Release feelings of shame and guilt related to the end of a relationship. You cant come and kill yourself 

12. Know if you want to have children or if you don’t. Either is fine it’s just important for you to know what you want by the time you turn 35

13. Show up for the people who show up for you; this might include digital showing up to like, engage and share someone’s project or business 

14. Unapologetically cut people off who don’t show by deed that you matter to them

15. You don’t owe beauty or sexy to anyone

16. Plant a couple trees in your community 

17. Apply for jobs and opportunities that appear beyond your expertise or education 

18. Rethink plastic; including plastic hair, and single use plastic bags. A piece of plastic can take up to 500 years before it starts to become biodegradable 

19. Travel alone to another African country just to explore and your. While there eat alone 

20. Find a physical hobby that makes you sweat a couple times a week

21. Know your HIV status, and get a mammogram

22. Do something that scares you that you feel is beyond your capabilities, this is where growth happens 

23. Learn your country’s laws; read your constitution, and engage in civic activities and discourse 

24. Be a complete fool for love, by that I mean love unconditionally even if it means giving someone the power to break your heart

25. Start a business or invest in a business to increase your revenue streams  

26. Volunteer your time 

27. Donate to a cause no matter how small

28. Meet with an accountant to get help or assistance with personal finance even if it is just a conversation online 

29. Go into a store, try on clothes you love take photos but then leave the clothes in the shop, don’t buy a thing 

30. Keep a journal for personal reflection

31. Spend quality time with your parents either virtually or physically and go out of your way to make them feel loved

32. Seek knowledge from books, podcasts, and women who are doing things you wish you could regularly 

33. Be intentional about making room for other women at the table. This means when you notice you’re the only woman in the room speak up for more inclusion 

34. Support excellent projects, brands, and ideas even if you don’t like the people behind them.

35. Love yourself above everyone and everything because your life depends on it


Originally published on VickieRemoe.com