December 4, 2022


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Where is the president of Sierra Leone

The President of the Republic of Sierra Leone is seems to be missing and this is causing serious unrest in different social media platforms in the country, more especially Facebook. State House Communication Team last updated their Facebook page on the 4th July from then till date there has been no posting concerning the president or his official visits.

Few days ago we were confronted with the news that the president of Sierra Leone was critically ill and from that time till now that we have gotten the news it’s as if he has vanished from the face of the earth without any trace of him on social media or in person.

Meanwhile it is uncertain what the problem is with the president, but due to the letter making rounds on social media yesterday that came from Sierra Leone’s High Commission in London, it can be confirmed that the president is not OK.

How can a zealous president be taking a break from his responsibilities and shifting the mantle of leadership as rumored to the Vice President of Sierra Leone Hon Juldeh Jalloh, If it were just a few days rest?.

Since when did Presidents start taking vacations with their entire family members?.

According to the letter it states that people were spreading rumors, since when did the Government start replying to rumors?.

Umaru Fofanah a senior journalist made a statement on his social media handles trying to calm the rumor surrounding the president’s health but his effort seem to be a wasted one as the argument still continues.

Umaru’s post on his Facebook page

There are a million and one question that is going on through our minds as citizens that we need answers to and a letter cant answer nor make up for.