President Bio assures Krio Descendant Union of a speedy resolution to land row

According to State House report, President Julius Maada Bio in his continuous engagement with stake holders in the country have met with members of the Krio Descendant Union at his State House Office over the accusation of forceful land grabbing by the Ministry of Land.

Dr. Kona C. Koroma Special Adviser to the President and Ambassador at Large stated that when President Bio took over office he promised to have consultations with members of the KDU about governance of the state.

Dr. Koroma explained that the motive of the meeting was to engage representatives of KDU over the recent land issue between the Ministry of Lands and the Krio Community, this she said prompted the President to call KDU for a family dialogue.

Samuel Valcarcel a member of the Association highlighted some of the challenges they are faced with as an organization.

“Last week, we had a general meeting as an Association where we spoke about many things affecting us especially the one dealing with Land. In the past weeks, we all have been discussing land issues because the Land Ministry issued a statement challenging the legitimacy of our land documents which has left us worried, “Samuel said.

He went on to explain about the Land Tenure System which barred Krios from acquiring land out of Freetown.

“Another worrying issue for us is the Land Tenure System which barred krios from acquiring lands outside of freetown. So we are happy here because we believe such an engagement will resolve these issues,” Varcarcel explained to the President.

One attendee of the meeting Claudius Cole who is the leader of the Unity Party expressed satisfaction over the manner in which the President intervened to iron out the land issue. She further stated that the land issue has created mixed feeling among people in Freetown, and the step that the government has taken to solve the problem is the one that is amicable.

“Our country is one of rule of Law and that must be accepted by all of us. I have decided to call you all here to let you know that I take your concerns very seriously and that government will look into them,” President Bio responded.

The President further reveled that a framework to put an end to all land issues across the country will be put in place.

“We will be developing a framework to put an end to all the land related issue across the country. We want this meeting to be the start of a dialogue process because that is the only way of arriving at the best solutions, we need a united society that will allow development to thrive,” President Bio stated.

The President concluded by saying that he has delegated the Vice President Dr. Juldeh Jalloh to resolve all concerns expressed by KDU in relations to the dispute over ownership between Krio community and the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Environment.