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Woman in US sends $1.4 million to internet boyfriend in Africa

A woman in America who I’m going to have to call crazy in love has admitted to sending $1.4 million to a man she has only met online. The man told her he was Italian and moved to the US 18 years ago.

However, for the past two year he says he has been working in Africa.  Although according to Madam Crazy In Love his accent has changed from Italian to African over time, she has sent him money to South Africa, Benin, and Nigeria she still says she believes their love is true and he’ll find his way to her. She was on Dr Phil’s Show telling her story.

She even sold one of her apartments to wire the man half a million dollars which he said was for bail. I mean if this woman is not crazy, I don’t know what.

Kai! Wonders never cease. Sister you never hear 419? Its just a game oh!