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As Sierra Leone cancels Xmas somewhere Bob Geldof saying told you so

band-aid-30-artwork-608x608-2 Sierra Leone cancels Christmas_ebola_dec_2014

When news broke that Bob Geldof was getting people together for Band Aid 30 to release “Do They Know Its Christmas” to raise funds and awareness about ebola ( and I guess himself), I rolled my eyes. Now I realize that Geldof clearly had the inside scoop because today Sierra Leone has cancelled all Christmas celebrations.

Everyone is expected to stay indoors during Christmas and New Year’s. This means there will be no masquerades, no debul, no Boxing Day beach outings, no goombay or bubu music and no dancing in the streets. There will be curfew in the evenings and soldiers will be on the streets to make sure people don’t go out and gather as they usually do. Ebola has really finished us and I’m sure that where ever Bob Geldof is right now he’s  grinning like the grinch and saying I told you so.