Home Entertainment Frank Ocean debuts new video ‘Pyramids’ [video]

Frank Ocean debuts new video ‘Pyramids’ [video]

by Vickie Remoe


Frank Ocean otherwise known as the artist who made everyone ask if he was from Sierra Leone has just released a video off his debut album Channel Orange. The ‘Pyramids’ features gliding strippers in pasties, thongs, and a melting Ocean who hallucinates between scenes in the strip club and riding a motor cycle through the desert. What is the song really about? Well Ocean is apparently singing the praises of a lady friend who strips to pay his bills. Does that make him a scrub, a pimp or a her lover? Do we care? Clearly not!

I bought Channel Orange as soon as it reached iTunes over the summer and have had it on my phone on replay for a minute. Although I like Pyramids my favorites off the album are ‘Pilot Jones’, ‘Thinking of You’, ‘Sweet Life’, and ‘Bad Religion’.


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