January 30, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

EXCLUSIVE: Hiest B Freestyle, next big thing in Sierra Leone hiphop (video)

Heist B aka Mr. 2.5

Ever since we heard Heist on DJ NoName’s ROAP Mixtape he absolutely has us convinced that as far as Salone hip hop is concerned the boy Heist B is a killer. No seriously! No hype no BS the boy is the sh*t! Check out the exclusive Krio freestyle he dropped for us. He straight up killed it!! Introducing Mr. 2.5 himself….Hiest B.
Swit Salone: Can u please introducing your self?
Heist B: This your boy Heist Bougatti aka Hell Chapo aka Mr 2.5, Power house alliance C.E.O what going on out there, am out here doing this for my girl vickie remoe(swit salone)
Swit Salone: What brought you to Sierra Leone?
Heist B: hmm the album is in progress but right now am on a filming thing, but don”t forget the album is still on the run, couple of weeks ago I just started doing promos linking up with DJs.
Swit Salone: So how are the songs being accepted by Sierra Leoneans?
Heist B: Hmmm aceptance is not bad but professional DJs adviced me to meet with producers because most people say my album is too hard core, they say they want something to dance to, so I am working on that right now. Because I used to drop punch lines when I do my thing. you see am very lyrical with my rap, but if I have to bring it down a bit I definitely will do.
Swit Salone: You being involved in music and movies, which one is your main focus? I mean your first priority, because we have seen couple of artist trying to do music and movies but  no direct focus on both?
Heist B: My music is still on top, music is gonna be first on my priority list, i like movies, i got another passion for it. But music is my first love. so don”t never think that Bougatti is going away.
Swit Salone: So Mr. 2.5 are you in a movie presently or just starting up something?
Heist B: We got our own production team called True Storm Entertainment and I am with them on the movie team. There is also a music segment to the whole thing. I am with my man Hassaf Kamara who is the C.E.O of the whole True Storm Entertainment.
Swit Salone: Are you here alone managing the whole promo stuff or do u have a manager based in Sierra Leone?
Heist B: I have a manager but he is based in Atlanta presently. So I’m doing the managing myself for now, because he is not around here, but we talk a lot and we connect. I really miss him because it kinda tough for me I used to him by my side. Any way I’m trying to set up a power house alliance team here in Freetown, pretty soon everything will be working.
Swit Salone: So what is your relationship with this other artists like KAO and L.A.J. because we have seen alots of artist from oversees belonging to one of these camps or forming their own which leads to lyrical battle or at times physical fighting?
Heist B: Hey Kao, that’s my man. I mess with Kao. And L.A…..we grew up in the same hood. Central for life!! My relationship with everybody is good I don’t do all that drama stuff, i just focus on my music and allow my music to speak for itself, I respect everybody’s music.
SwitSalone: How are you doing with the DJs?
Heist B: It’s a tough one. For the past 2 weeks I have been trying to connect with DJs, I have few friends that are DJs now trying to link me up, but it’s really hard though.
Swit Salone: Heist, the music industry has been around for a long time now, is it growing? Are you impressed with the outcome? Is there lots of talent in it?
Heist B: It is growing. We have a lot of talent the only problem is that we don’t have is for people to put their money up just to support these artist cuz this artist can make it to international level but they don’t have that push, in order to have that push u need finance. All these other international artists bragging around are supported financially, initially they stated like us. But in Sierra Leone, everyone is stingy with their money.