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K1x batik sneakers designed by jobless youth in Sierra Leone on sale in Paris

In 2005 European sports brand K1x launched “you cant teach heart”, the Freetown Collection. It featured Sierra Leone’s national basketball team who until then were pretty much unknown. They even dubbed a sneaker the ‘freetown glider’.

Today team K1x has again partnered up with young energetic youth for a special batik inspired collection. Unemployed but skilled ‘ghetto’ youth in the capital city of Sierra Leone “created a stunning variety of patterns using traditional (and improvised) batik techniques… manufactured into 20 one-of-a kind sneakers each, that will be sold exclusively in Paris“. On sale at Colette in Paris, each pair of the colorful limited edition sneaker will retails for 130 Euros. All proceeds benefit the designers collective in Freetown.

The shoes come with a documentary photo book that illustrates the creation process – and gives a revealing glimpse into the lives of adolescents in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The profits of this limited footwear edition go back directly to the inspiring creators, who are looking to ameliorate their circumstances of living. These young men, who are known as the “Lion Base” crew, grew up in excruciating circumstances and have become a creative brotherhood thru shared experiences and common interests. The proceeds will help 20 hustling adolescents to afford shelter as well as schooling.

* All folorunsho products are non-profit oriented, as all winnings reimburse the Sierra di Lion Sharity
Trust. folorunsho = “born under the eye of God” (Yoruba)

– K1x

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