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Big Brother, Dalphin from Sierra Leone caught in a chair dispute [video]

Dalphin Alexander, 27, Sierra Leone

Isn’t it so annoying when you get up and someone tries to steal your seat? Well Dalphin certainly thinks so. The Big Brother contestant from Sierra Leone got into an argument with Hilda after the latter tried to unseat her. What ensued was name calling from both parties much to the amusement of the rest of the housemates. The two countries, Sierra Leone and Tanzania have little to no bilateral relations, and if left to Hilda and Dalphin, they will want to keep it that way for good.

Hilda is a 28-year-old sales woman from Tanzania who is partnered in the house with her best friend Julio. Dalphin is in the house with Zainab a model from Sierra Leone. Zainab was in the news earlier this week for trying to kiss Ghana’s Keitta on the mouth. Both ladies are showing Africa that although Sierra Leone might be small, our women spit like fire. Watch out!