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Jimmy B Applauds Drizilik’s Historic BET Hip Hop Cypher Performance


Jimmy B has stepped forward to address critics of Drizilik’s groundbreaking performance at the 2023 BET Hip Hop cypher.

In a fantastic showcase of African talent, Drizilik, a renowned figure in hip-hop and afrobeats, made history by representing Sierra Leone at the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher. The rapper wowed the audience with powerful verses that celebrated Sierra Leonean culture and his deep pride in his roots. However, as it often happens, not everyone saw it the same way. Some critics believed Drizilik’s performance fell short of the mark.

Amid this debate, Jimmy B, took to Facebook to share his thoughts. He expressed his personal enjoyment of Drizilik’s performance and commended the rapper for delivering a spot-on show. In his own words, “I personally enjoyed his performance, and I think his delivery was most definitely on point.”

Jimmy B, a revered figure in Sierra Leone’s entertainment scene at 54 years old, is often regarded as the godfather of Sierra Leone music. He emphasized the significance of Drizilik’s achievement on the global stage, calling on all Sierra Leoneans to celebrate this opportunity. 

“BET is such a colossal platform that we, as Sierra Leoneans, MUST celebrate the opportunity given to one of us. It is a win for us and, above all, a blessing and a testament to what we are capable of when we stay focused,” Jimmy B confirmed. 

In essence, Jimmy B’s message reminds us of  the potential of Sierra Leone’s entertainment industry when driven by focus and determination. It’s a celebration of homegrown talent on an international stage, and it’s something worth cherishing.

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