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Happy Independence: Top 5 things we love about Ghana


On this day March 6th in 1957, the late great Kwame Nkrumah pronounced that Ghana was “free forever” from its British colonial masters. This pronouncement was the beginning of the end of colonialism on the African continent.

Today in Accra, President Atta Mills, who is up for re-election later this year hosted other African heads of states in commemoration of Ghana’s 55th year of Independence. He will arrive in the US as guest of the US President on the 8th of March.

In honor of Ghana’s Independence we would like to share our TOP 5 GHANA LOVES:

5. Alasa ~ The Local Delicacy : A small golf sized fruit sold on the streets of Accra. Alasa ( or Abiu a tropical fruit also found in Brazil)  is a juicy combination of sweet and sour with black seeds covered in sticky white pulp.

Alasa ~ local delicacy


4. Ghana’s Online Socialites – As far as African social media goes, Ghanaians represent very hard on all social media platforms. They use twitter in particular not only to discuss breaking news, send threats to Asamoah Gyan, but also they use it curse out the Electric Company of Ghana (ECG) when ever there is black out.

Interesting people we follow for Ghana news and updates are @ameyaw112 – Ameyaw Debrah for entertainment news @Abocco – Ato Ulzen Appiah for tech updates @nas009 for womanist, sex, and relationship views @wanlov, @reggierockstone, @ m.anifestive for music @rodneyquarcoo @nanakofiacquah for photography and social commentary @kobbygraham for afropolitan and renaissance african musings and @nii_ayertey for Ghana news.

3. Fabric and Fashion – When ever we visit Accra we love to see Ghanaian men and women rocking african textile as comfortably as jeans and a T-shirt. Ghana for many of us is the mecca of fabric. With Akosombo wax prints, woodin, Da viva, and a very strong Vlisco presence, Ghanaian designers are using these bold colors and prints to carve out a stake in the larger African Fashion Industry.

Christie Brown necklace made in Ghana designer Aisha Obuibi

Knaf Couture dress made by Kayda and worn by socialite Amber Rose

ReneeQ made in Ghana by Renee

2. Ghanaian men – As a young lady who has traveled extensively in the West African sub region, I have to say that Ghana’s men are highly under rated. I have gone at lengths to evaluate this particular commodity and i have to say thank you to mama Ghana for its male bounty. So here are  few Ghana men that have our seal of approval.

Reggae crooner ~ Samini

Model ~ Ilyrio Boateng

Actor ~ John Dumelo

1. Azonto – The word, the music, and the dance moves that has taken over our lives. Watch the video, practice, and watch me do the azonto! As you dance and we fade to black…Thank you Ghana and Happy Independence




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