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Sierra Leone’s Azania channels Whitney Houston

by Vickie Remoe

Azania performing live at the Triad Theater in New York

Azania with the President of Sierra Leone and Tony Blair - Sept 2011

If you haven’t heard of Azania then like me, you’ve probably been living on the wrong side of the Atlantic. Azania is by far Sierra Leone’s best vocal talent to date. With a little rock and roll, and a whole lot of soul, the depth and range of her voice is unbeatable. You will be seeing her name in bright lights very very soon.

Though Azania’s parents are from Sierra Leone, she was born in Boston and raised in Europe. She is three time winner of France’s American Idol styled Graines de star. She has over 12 years of classical opera voice training, but Azania is most known for her powerful jazz, soul, and r&b renditions. One of her biggest r&b vocal influences Whitney Houston died on Saturday and Azania took to social media to express her grief.


It was channeling one of Whitney’s biggest hits on France’s M6, that crystalized her place in over 4 million French hearts. Azania has since moved to the big apple in search of a larger audience for her talent. She performed at the Triad theater earlier this month and said that she was eager to spread joy with her voice.

My whole purpose is to reach as many people in the world as possible“, she said. Azania is well on her way, the beautiful songstress performed for both President Koroma and Tony Blair at a special event last September.

She’ll be performing live on March 3rd, at the Yippee Museum on Bleeker st.

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