Nasseman “Bonkey” reggae spiritual – Liberia

Liberia's Nasseman (c) Glenna Gordon/AFP
still from the making of "Bonkey"

I am thrilled to introduce Liberia’s Rabbie Nassrallah aka Nasseman.  The 32 year old reggae crooner has just released a new single titled “Bonkey”- the soundtrack against social ills afflicting Liberia and the rest of Africa. Nasseman’s sweet melodic voice is a stark contrast to the gritty images in the video.

In a recent article in the AFP Nasseman talked to reporter Robert Leslie about the difficulties of being a musician in Liberia. “Every artist has got to make sacrifices. It’s how you get exposed to an audience, then people are willing to pay — at the end of the day it’s exposure you need”. He was interviewed in a local restaurant in Monrovia.

Till We Meet - Album cover available on iTunes and Amazon

Nasseman has been performing since age 11 and was in Liberia through out its civil war. He says that he is inspired my artists such as Bob Marley, Nasio Fontaine, Buju Bonton and Sizzla Kalonji. Nasseman rose to national stardom in 2005 with “Till we meet again”. His new album “Redemption Time” will be released in November this year.