December 4, 2022


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Business Profile: Camerna Ayo-Davies, CEO, 3BG Marketing Solutions

In just six years Carmena Ayo-Davies has gone from just a girl with a dream to Philadelphia’s got to girl for fabulous events, and happenings. Many of her clients include professional athletes and Philly’s local celebrities.
We first discovered Carmena last year when she was profiled in entertainment section of the Philadelphia Inquirer. She graduated with a business degree from Cabrini College in PA in 2006 and has since put her efforts on building her PR, Marketing, and events planning enterprise. Carmena is no stranger to being an entrepreneur, by age 21 when many of us where trying to find a job, she had already owned a beauty supply store.
Carmena Ayo-Davies


Interview with A list Event Planner, Carmena Ayo-Davies 

SS: A lot of young Sierra Leoneans are eager to start their own businesses…how did you navigate the process. Any tips?

Carmena: Starting a business is simple, its the operation and sustaining that becomes difficult. You must be knowledgeable of the industry you choose to go in, most importantly have a budget to market your business. People tend to go into business and they refuse to really invest on their on journey. How can others believe in you, if you dont believe in yourself.

Camena (c) with Kijafa Frink (l) ( Mick Vick''s fiancee) - back in 2010 Frink and Carmena were in talks to produce a reality TV show on gold diggers

SS: Whats the most surprising thing thats happened as a result of running your own company?

Carmena: Well I was on CNN, some family members abroad saw me and I guess realize the grind Im putting behind my dream.

SS: How will you know when 3BG marketing solutions is a success? What benchmarks have you set?

Carmena: My business has grown a whole lot, I am blessed, I went from working from home, to having an office space, I went from being only in Philly to working with people in Philly, NYC, ATL and now Miami. The moment I can say “Mama I made it” would be, when I am able to afford for my sister to work with me and my transition to the TV world goes smoothly. I am also going to be in a very small role in one of the episodes of BET’s show “The Game”

Carmena posing for the Philly Inquirer last year.

SS: Where are your from in Sierra Leone? Ethnicity?Early life: where did you grow up? how did you end up in the US? Siblings? Are they much like you or very different.

Carmena: I am from Freetown, I am creole or Krio or Swen swen(spell check) lol. My family is so bourgeois, we have double barrel names for no reason. Im always off on that spelling the Krio/Creole. I grew up in the states, I was in sierra Leone as a child, I have a sister, Yes she is in the states as well, we are completely different. She is quiet and organized and Im just a blast in a glass.

SS: Finish this sentence: When I grow up…………….

Carmena: When I grow up I want to be fortunate enough to give back .(no fun if the homies cant have none)

SS: Tell us something that no one knows about you.

Carmena: I’m terrified of balloons, the whole popping thing and me not knowing when, doesn’t sit well with me, Kids with balloons, oh forget about it, my heart rate goes up. I just hate that loud noise.