January 29, 2023


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Sex and Dating in Sierra Leone: JJCs sound off!

Veralyn of Veralyn Media gives us the 411 on dating on vacation in Sierra Leone

In this video log from Veralyn Media recorded last month we find out what Sierra Leonean women on vacation in Freetown feel about dating. One holiday maker, Sanya, said she is more cautious about having sex when she is on holiday in Sierra Leone because she knows many who live there are less aware of contraceptives. In addition, she explains that, “there is a level of frivolity that comes with the men in Sierra Leone so you have to be very cautious”.

Two of the three women interviewed said that they are afraid of dating Sierra Leonean men because the men supposedly have multiple girlfriends to go with their wives. However, one of the ladies, Tina had previously met the man who would later become her husband while she was on holiday in Sierra Leone.

The men interviewed for the story refused to go on record to discuss their dating habits while on vacation. Is it because they are up to no good? I don’t know. You be the judge.

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