February 4, 2023


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Ghana to Nigeria: Travel Review of Dana Air Flight Accra – Lagos – Accra

Most people know Dana Air because of that devastating flight 992 crash back in 2012, but I will remember it henceforth for excellence flying service. This was my fifth trip to Lagos previously flying both Arik and Aero contractors and in all that time I have never ever departed or arrived on time.
Everyone who has ever travelled from Accra to Lagos has a delay horror story and I am no different.
I checked in to the Dana Air Counter at Accra’s Kotoka International Airport with my dad on Friday March 25, there wasn’t even a queue, or rush or stress at all. It was super calm.
The flight was to leave at 6pm but we took off at 630pm. However, someone came around to apologize for the delay and when we boarded the cabin crew lead and pilot both apologized for lateness in departure which didn’t bother me at all since. A thirty minute delay for a regional airline is like no delay at all to be honest.
On the return leg that was to depart Lagos at 4pm, I got to the Murtala Mohamed at 230pm. My boarding pass said that departure was at 6pm so I went back and asked them if they were sure we would leave on time. A member of the Dana team at check in told me that it was a printing error but we were actually going to leave at 4pm on the dot.
To be honest I did not believe him. When I got passed security and immigration however the flight was already on the ground and we were boarding. We left Lagos at 4 on the dot and we actually arrived in Accra ahead of schedule because the pilot said that the weather was really good and he reached a higher than expected altitude.
When we left immigration our bags were already on the baggage claim and I honestly could not believe how fantastic the trip and service has been.
I will never fly anything else from Accra to Lagos, and until further notice. Thank you to the folks over at Dana Airlines, I was really dreading the lateness to and fro but you’ve turned me into a believer that regionally operated flights don’t have to be painful at all.