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Aminatta Forna’s ‘Memory of Love’ wins Commonwealth Prize

by Vickie Remoe
Aminatta Forna

When I finished reading ‘Memory of Love’ on Friday I was amazed at how accurately Aminatta Forna was able to capture the essence of Sierra Leone life and society in the immediate post war period. It is a melancholy tale of a people trying to survive on hope and God’s mercy alone, while knowing full well that help is far from near. Memory of Love is probably the first book I’ve read about Sierra Leone, fiction or otherwise that describes the people, places, and conditions of the way things really are. A must read for anyone trying to understand how far Salone really has to go…


A big thank you to Aminatta Forna for being the only one who could have written this beautiful work of fiction and congratulations on winning the much deserved Commonwealth Writer’s Prize

We appreciate you!

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