Sierra Leone Entertainment News

My cat ‘Vivian Musu Remoe’ had been limping for a couple weeks when i noticed that an injury from a scuffle with the neighborhood dogs had done more damage than i had thought. Not sure of the availability of a Veterinarian in Freetown, i put out an SOS on  facebook and twitter and soon  I had over 6 recommendations. I decided that the Animal Welfare Society at Congo Cross was probably my best bet. After a quick game of cat and mouse where i was clearly the cat, I caught Vivian and put her on the front seat. I could tell she was nervous as she lept out as soon as i rolled down the window. I called for reinforcements and my cousin Mohamed assisted with catching Vivian and held her till we got to Congo Cross.

The attending staff at the Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society quickly ushered us to an operating room. She cleaned Vivian’s wound, gave her an injection, and announced that my Vivian Musu was actually a boy and not a girl. Thankfully Vivian is a unisex name so we didn’t have to plan for a new naming ceremony.

While Vivian was being weighed i got acquainted with two of the cutest puppies my eyes had ever seen. Rescued from the rough streets of Freetown, their sad eyes told a story of a very melancholic life. I had to fight myself to not come home with both of those babies. If you’re looking for a new pet please find a place in your heart for these little angels. Ask yourself, what would Oprah do?

She would adopt them for sure 🙂

As you can imagine the Sierra Leone Animal Welfare Society needs all the help it can get so please stop by and make your donations. I paid 40,000 for Vivian’s treatment and we have a follow up tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who helped us find a Vet.