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Bunce Island Slave Castle gets a boost on the eve of Sierra Leone’s 50th Independence Anniversary

A map of Bunce Island in Sierra Leone drawn c....Image via Wikipedia
Melbourne Garber of the Krio Heritage Society and the Bunce Island Coalition (US), has announced that philanthropists in the US and UK who have pledged millions of dollars for Bunce Island’s preservation
as a gift to the Sierra Leone people.
Professor Joseph Opala who dedicated the past 3 decades to the historical anthropology of  Bunce Island is the Director of the Bunce Island Coalition (US). Former US Ambassador to Sierra Leone Thomas Hull is the group’s Chairman of the Board.

The Coalition has committed to building a museum in Freetown devoted to the history of Bunce Island and Sierra Leone’s participation in the Mid Atlantic slave trade . It is intended that the Old Fourah Bay College building in Cline Town, will be converted into a modern museum; if available for that purpose.