February 6, 2023


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Woman gets reconstructive surgery to repair female circumcision damage

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Sometimes help can come from the strangest places. Sierra Leonean and African women who have been living with the scars and trauma of female genital mutilation get a second chance with reconstructive surgery in Colorado. Dr. Marci Bowers who specializes in gender reassignment surgeries has performed up to two dozen operations African women rebuilding their labia and removing left over scar tissue. According to Dr. Bowers, “typically, patients have not had the entire clitoris removed, Bowers said, and the surgery exposes what remains, uses remaining tissue to reconstruct labia that may have been cut away, and clears scar tissue.
She said the surgery typically results in improvement in sensation as well as cosmetic benefits.” A Sierra Leonean woman spent her life savings and flew all the way from Australia to Colorado to have the operation performed. She was circumcised as a child in a village in Sierra Leone and she believes the surgery “gives her a second chance” and a feeling of “wholeness”. Full article from AP here

Do you think many Sierra Leonean women living in the Diaspora who have been circumcised will seek this operation?