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Sierra Leone’s Sorie Kondi on BBC World News


Sierra Leone’s Kondi master will premier on BBC World News tonight on a program called Life on the Edge that broadcasts on BBC News. A couple weeks ago a film crew from the UK took Sorie Kondi all over the country to have him discuss the MD Goals with every day sierra leoneans. The production was organized by my ever talented technical director….We are really happy for Sorie Kondi and now the world will begin to understand what we’ve known all along. Sorie is a genius!

Sierra Leone’s school-time blues

Sorie needs US$8 a month to pay his rent, plus a few dollars more to help his 14-year-old daughter Zeinab pay for the “extras” at school. His wife Sally, who is also blind, helps out by making soap.
Sorie is a busker, crunching sad tunes with a thumb piano – known as the kondi – and a beaten-up amp.
Sorie, whose music is available as a digital download from iTunes, is known as Sierra Leone‘s Stevie Wonder.
His blues inspiration is daughter Zeinab. Many girls like Zeinab are doing just fine. Sierra Leone is making undoubted progress towards the Millennium Development Goals, which include girls’ rights, and free primary schooling for all.
But if it was that simple, Sorie would be spending more time in the studio taking a bet on the future, rather than busking for spare leones.
Sorie has been picking up troubled stories about girls’ schooling. Education is not just about money and buildings, which are easily measured for the MDGs. Zeinab’s cousins have all left school early because of pregnancy. And Sorie is worried about his daughter’s future. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

To Sorie Kondi’s music videos click here for Sorie Kondi Video 1, Sorie Kondi Video 2, Sorie Kondi Part 3


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