SpotLight: Sierra Leone’s Salieu Jalloh of Red City Models and BET’s MODEL CITY….If you don’t know him by now, Where u been?

Sierra Leone’s Model Sensation Salieu Jalloh
Salieu Jalloh
The Models of BET’s Model City Cover Honey Mag
Salieu Jalloh in the middle
Salieu Jalloh for Rhythm Nation

When i first saw Salieu Jalloh on BET’s Model City, i knew automatically that he must be from somewhere else, farther away than the other models on the show. When i heard him speak I knew instantly the he was one of ours, beautiful, chocolate brown skin and those lips. Salieu Jalloh is a 6ft tall Sierra Leonean born NYC bred model with the Agency Red Models.
On the episode of Model City that i watched he visited his father’s shop in the Bronx and ofcourse like most sensible parents the world over, his father refused to see him because he did not approve of Salieu’s decision to be a model.Certainly after seeing that Salieu will have a successful career in the fashion industry daddy has little to worry about and should now be supporting Salieu’s beautiful work. To all you Salone borboh’s and titi’s out there look out for this face on a billboard or magazine near you. Salieu Jalloh in one word…..F I N E!