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Social Clubs in Freetown: Action Guyz. Motto: Same Same but Different

A couple weeks ago i was on my way to Magbele village to visit a Maternal & Child Health Post to learn more about health service delivery in rural settings. I chose Magbele because it is the village of my maternal grandma; mummyk. Over the past year we’ve verbally visited Magbele a dozen but never in actuality. So when the opportunity came up for me to go see a health post upline i chose Magbele. We took Mountain Cot and there was killer traffic; but it soon turned into a worthwhile experience when i noticed that every couple blocks had a colorful, wall sign promoting one of the social clubs in the area. Of the ones i was able to snap…Action Guyz was my favorite. There club motto: same same but different to the average eye would an oxymoron but for us the tru salonians…ah know exactly wetin dem min :-)) This could be our national slogan..Welcome to Salone: Same Same but Different

(upline use to refer to going up the railroad line in colonial times when we had rail service but now it just means going to the provinces)