January 30, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

The 2010 SwitList: Money, ATMS, Financial Institutions in Sierra Leone

Exchange Rate: It is has fluctuated like wildfire. We are now at Le4200-1$. Dollar denominations of 50s, 20s, 10s, 5s, change at a lower rate so avoid bringing them if u can.

Western Union: If you run out of money you can send money to yourself online and pickup at any local branch

Splash: A mobile Banking company that allows its subscribers to send money to any mobile phone user with the country. Currently operating with Africell & Zain Users who can splash out to anyone on any mobile network

Procredit Visa: Procedit bank is the only financial institution that offers visa services. You can use your foreign visa cards to withdraw money from their ATMs. Additionally you can open a local account get a visa card that can be used everywhere visa is accepted all over the world.

Open a Local Account: a foreign friend who recently relocated to Sierra Leone was amazed at the ease of opening her bank account at a local Ecobank branch. I don’t know if its equally as easy at other banks but I’m sure it must be. At most of the banks all you need is 2 passport photos, a complete application form, a permanent address, and sometimes, a reference.

ATM CARDS: UBA, Access Bank, Procredit, Rokel, Ecobank currently have ATMs operating around the city linked to local bank accounts. You must have an account with the various banks to use the service except for Procredit which accepts all visa cards.


UBA United Bank for Africa
UTB Union Trust Bank
FIB   First International Bank
GTB  Guaranty Trust Bank
Access  AccessBank
Skye     SkyeBank
Zenith     Zenith Bank
Procredit   Procredit Bank
Rokel Commercial Bank
Sierra Leone Commercial Bank
Standard Chattered Bank
Intercontinental Bank
Bank PHB