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Sierra Leone Independence Party (D.C)

VSL(www.visitsierraleone.org) page i was thrilled that there was something being organized for us Sloneans to celebrate independence. I showed up with Angie and Yassin (other wise known as Mrs J. Tucker) and we were really excited to be out. When we showed up it was kind of empty…but it eventually filled up. I was expecting to see some faces that i knew but except for the two people with me and two other friends i knew NO ONE. It was an older crowd so i guess that’s why i didnt know anyone. The music was barely okay…until later on in the evening when they started dropping some old school jams…and some reggae…They played maybe 4 Sierra leone songs and so i was really disappointed on that front. All in all it was an okay night i’m sure it will be much better next year and i’ll be looking forward to it!!!. The first photo was at Germantown at Angie’s house…john and angie. then (me, yessin, angie). Next photo is me and Brother John. Then John’s beautiful wife Yassin, then Angie and Posseh!!! VERY GOOD TIMES