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“The Taste of Home”: A Captivating Picture Book Celebrating the Vibrant Culture of Sierra Leone


Aminata Jalloh releases “The Taste of Home” an enchanting picture book that invites young readers to embark on a colourful journey through the heart of Sierra Leone’s countryside. The book was illustrated by Pervin Ozcan, it captures the essence of Sierra Leonean culture celebrating its traditions, and landscapes.

“The Taste of Home” follows the story of Mariama, a young girl whose annual holiday break plans take an unexpected turn when her mother announces they will not spend it in the city, but instead, they will visit their family in the village. Through vibrant illustrations and charming narrative prose, readers will follow Mariama on a heartfelt journey to discover the true meaning of home.

Sierra Leone, with its rich history and diverse traditions, serves as the perfect backdrop for this captivating tale. From the coastal capital city of Freetown to the mountainous rural town of Kabala in Northern Sierra Leone, “The Taste of Home” immerses readers in the beauty and authenticity of life in the West African country.

“I wanted to create a book that not only celebrates the culture of Sierra Leone but also the beauty of village life. Historically, stories that take place in rural African towns narrate life there from a deficit perspective–rather than beautifully rich and entirely whole,” said Jalloh.

“Through this picture book, I hope to inspire a sense of pride in one’s heritage and the diversity of Sierra Leone.”

“The Taste of Home” is available worldwide and can be ordered through most online platforms.

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About The Author

Aminata is a first-generation Sierra Leonean–American dedicated to inclusive storytelling. With a background in international development and a global perspective from travelling to over 40 countries, she weaves compelling narratives that resonate with her readers. Aminata’s work explores themes of identity and cultural heritage. Aminata works with schools, groups, and organizations to amplify cultural appreciation, empathy, and understanding.

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