March 24, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

High Court of Sierra Leone grants permission for APC party to hold its delegates’ conference in Makeni

Justice Hannah Bonnie, of the High Court of Sierra Leone, has granted permission to the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party to hold its national delegates conference from February 18 – 20, 2023.

This comes after Justice Bonnie imposed a court injunction on the party. The judiciary of Sierra Leone made this notice four hours after the German embassy and the European Union representative in Freetown confirmed their participation in a new occasion which was held at the ECSL to underline support for Sierra Leone’s democracy and in the judiciary. The German embassy in Freetown stated that a strong democracy needs a strong opposition and a level playing field, adding that they are looking forward to the main opposition APC holding a successful national congress in stronghold Makeni and electing a flag bearer. 

About 24 hours ago, the Secretary General of the APC Interim Government and Transition Committee (ITGC) Hon. Abdul Kargbo publicly criticized the ruling party SLPP following several controversial court injunctions against the APC in recent times. On February 16, 2023, Justice H. Bonnie slammed an interim injunction restraining the ITGC of the main opposition APC from holding the National Delegates’ Conference slated for February 17 – 20, 2023, in Makeni.

Speaking on a radio interview on Friday, February 16, 2023., Hon. Abdul Kargbo stated that the SLPP doesn’t want a fair electoral contest, and that is the main reason why the ruling party is trying its best to stop the national convention of their strong opposition. Kargbo added that in 128 days of the poll, no opposition party has gotten a flag bearer yet, unless the ruling party, the president. 

“It’s four months to elections, no opposition party has gotten a flagbearer yet. The only party with a flag-bearer as we speak is the ruling SLPP, the president. It’s clear that the ruling party doesn’t want a fair electoral contest,” said Hon. Abdul Kargbo.

However, it has been stated by the High Court of Sierra Leone that the APC are clear to hold their National convention in stronghold Makeni City, The court order by Justice Hannah Bonnie on February 17th also granted the Transitional Interim Independent Elections Management Committee (TIIEMC) to conduct the NDC in Makeni.