February 6, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Yak Jones Foundation collaborates with Kei Kamara’s Heart Shaped Hands Foundation to donate learning materials and sports equipment to Salpon Community School in Freetown

The Yak Jones Foundation in collaboration with the Heart Shaped Hands, a Kei Kamara foundation has donated learning materials and sports equipment to the Salpon Community School in Mambo, Freetown. The learning materials will benefit over 800 pupils in Pre-Primary, Primary, and Junior Secondary levels. 

Dr. Yakama Manty Jones, an Economist, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist focused on literacy advocacy, is on a mission to revive a love for reading in Sierra Leone.

“We want to continue to encourage you all to learn how to read because reading can help you excel in all other areas of studies and become very good leaders of Sierra Leone,” said Dr. Jones, who launched the Foundation in 2016. 

Storybooks, textbooks, exercise books made from recycled new and used papers, crayons, footballs, drinking flasks, sportswear and other learning materials were donated to the school. 

Heart Shaped Hands Foundation was founded by former Sierra Leonean football star, Kei Kamara. He encouraged all the kids to focus on their studies and be very hardworking. 

“Reading is fundamental to your studies, it can help you go anywhere in the world, communicate with others, and become anyone you want to be in this world,” said Kamara. “You need some level of education to become a professional footballer or play any sports at the professional level”.

Kamara’s Heart Shaped Hands Foundation provides sports-linked scholarships to schools and students in Sierra Leone.  The foundation, named after his signature goal celebration, has allowed Kamara to follow his heart and use his hands to give back to his home country, a place for which he is very passionate.

Shek Deen Turay, a school management committee member,  extends gratitude to the donors on behalf of the parents. 

“I want to extend my sincere appreciation to Kei Kamara and Dr. Yakama Jones for these items. You are now part of our community and your support will help these children a lot,” said Mr. Turay. 

The Yak Jones Foundation has been supporting the Salpon Community School greatly. They established a library for the school and have supported them with books and learning materials over time. PI Group, producers of Crystal Clear Water, has been providing monthly stipends for the teachers.
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