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Kao Denero’s New Heroes Hip-Hop Album – A Great Story Told Through Music


Heroes is the latest album from hip-hop artist Kao Denero. The 15-track album shows the veteran understands his craft. He has mastered his sound over a career that spans over two decades. With Heroes Ambassador Kao combines storytelling, and music production. For Black Leo fans, the Heroes is a bonafide classic!

Kao Denero Heroes Album Review and Tracklist

The album opens with the intro song “Think About It”.  Kao questions the  need for borders in Africa and leaders still loyal to their colonial masters. He even went to the extent of asking why we need a visa to go to South Africa when we are all Africans. “Think About It” sets the tone for the album.

Heroes continues with “Sheku Turay,” a tribute to Guinea’s pan Africanist leader who campaigned against French colonialism.

Kao is a storyteller and a great admirer of Heroes from Africa, so doing a song for Sheku Turay is no surprise. He continues to talk about when our leaders will stand for their people like Sheku Turay did unto his death, he condemns IMF loans.

Next up is A club banger “My sound” featuring “Ne2W” a Nigerian group. This has the potential to be a great party song as lyrics and melody were well represented.

“Essence” featuring  “Mode 9” an English born Nigerian veteran rapper is a show of bars, we see Ambassador Kao going head to head with one of Africa’s finest rappers.

“Survive” the collaboration with Ghanaian dancehall king Shatta Wale, arguably the most popular Ghanaian artist in Sierra Leone was released as a single before the album.

Also featured in this album is the legendary K-Man, Sierra Leone’s finest R&B singer with “Yo Yo Yo” is also a must listen track.

Furthermore in Kao Denero’s ‘Heroes,’ album emerging artists like Keltony made a spectacular entrance with their captivating melodies and lyrics. Additionally, newcomers from the new school scene, such as Mus B and Stex, delivered remarkable performances on both tracks ‘Kill’ and ‘Chop Life’.

“Heroes track number 13” the album titled  was dedicated to heroes he considered did a great job for Africa, like Steven Biko, Thomas Sankara, the Rastafarian Bob Marley etc. Like ‘Sheku Turay’, ‘Strasser,’ track 15 pays homage to the one-time Sierra Leonean head of state.

Stream the Heroes album on Itunes, Audiomack and Spotify

Kao Denero Biography

Kao Denero (Amara Dennis Turay) is a Sierra Leonean hip-hop artist. He was born in Lungi, Port Loko District on the 17th of October in the 1980s. He attended St. Edwards Secondary School in Freetown. He has released 12 Albums, his first album was Black Leo for Life (2003), he came to the spotlight with the release of his second album “Stories from Freetown” with the hit single Emonah featuring Big Joe.

Growing up with his mum at the age of 11, and getting support from his Dad he managed to pull through to succeed in what he chose as the only way to success. Starting his career with the first song copying Warren G’s Regulate is an amazing journey to date, Snoop Kao was what he was called by then and he copied it from Snoop Dog.

He later changed it to Kao Denero after his friend Papa Dos advised him to switch to something original.

His third album ‘King of Africa’ (2005) was very successful, leading to his adoption of the name King of Freetown.

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