February 6, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Sierra Leoneans react to the increase in the floor price for mobile data

Sierra Leone’s National Telecommunication Commission (NATCOM) has in a press release issued on October 18, 2022, warrant all telecommunications operators in the country to increase the floor price for mobile data with immediate effect. 

This increment has been a surprise for many Sierra Leoneans, amidst the economic down break in the country. Telecommunications have made more than a 150 percent increment in all data prices and consumers have described the move by NATCOM as not relevant. 

Consumers used to recharge 3 GB for NLE 15 on Orange Sierra Leone, now it’s NLE 35 for 1.9GB, the same for Africell Sierra Leone and Qcell Sierra Leone was NLE 9 for 1.5 GB, and now it is NLE 27 for 1.5 GB. 

Sierra Leoneans have reacted to this news in different ways, expressing grave concerns about the economic instability in the country. Below are some of the reactions from people across different sectors.