February 5, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Sierra Leone Parliament enacts the Student Loan Scheme Fund Act 2021 

The Parliament of Sierra Leone has on Wednesday, November 3, 2021, enacted into law the Bill entitled “The Student Loan Scheme Fund Act, 2021“. 

This scheme is a view of providing financial assistance to students of tertiary institutions in Sierra Leone, as a way of increasing enrollment in higher education and promoting the right to education to all Sierra Leoneans. 

The Act seeks to complement the Government Grant-in-Aid, and it would allow tertiary institutions to get their resources at the start of their academic term as well as activate quality assurance in a bid to empower students to take full responsibility for their education.

While debating on the Bill in the well of Parliament, the Minister of Technical and Higher Education, Professor Alpha Wurie, noted that the increase in the number of students that are accessing tertiary institutions creates a huge potential for the Grant-in-Aid to eventually become unsustainable, and therefore, Government considers the Loan Scheme as another mode of funding tertiary education. 

Prof. Wurie further states that the scheme is meant for Sierra Leonean students, including those that are going for technical and vocational education. 

“The scheme will initially start with tuition support but will expand to books, research, fill-trips, accommodation, lodging, etc…,” he stated.